Interior design
Project Management

Respect for every client’s needs, vision and resources, to involve you in a meaningful way in the creation of your new interior environment.
Strategic thinking design is to solve a wide variety of issues, from the complex to the practical.
Passion for discovering new ways and technologies to evolve that integrates advances in organizational development in sustainability, wellness and new technologies.

  1. Understanding client and architect's design vision
  2. Site Survey and facility investigation
  3. Develop interior vision, considering schedule, budget initial and conceptual presentation
  1. Refined conceptual presentation
  2. Develop interior elements and layouts
  3. Coordinate details and materials to seamlessly executes design
  4. FEnsure final design elements are coordinated with the facility systems
  5. Finalize construction materials and interior elements
  6. Final design presentation to clients
Construction Documents
  1. Produce construction documents and coordinate material specifications
  2. Submit all relevant drawings, material sample and documents for client or landlord approval
  3. Cooperate with client, specific vendors and buildings nominated contractors to consolidation master construction programme
Project Construction
  1. Regularly site visit and monitor overall project phases in timely
  2. Continuous oversight of details with client, owner and buildings nominated contractors through the building phases
  3. Review and inspect to all workmanship, materials and installation for critical conformance
  4. Inspection with client prior to occupancy and correct the defects list in short time