Garden Road, Central
517 S.F


This is a story that took place a long, long time ago.

This is the birth story of kind-to-people, kind-to-earth, and safe and assuring Omusubi.


Ten years have passed since we opened our first store in 2011, and we have grown into a sizable business with 100 shops all around Hong Kong. From scratch, we have succeeded to establish the Japanese Omusubi culture in this city.


There were also much we have learnt from our customers. One of the most valuable learning was the responsibility of serving food to our customers. Every single day, as we serve tens of thousands of customers, from children to the elderly, knowing our Omusubi are going to become part of their body, we grow more conscious just how important it is for us to gatekeep their health and wellbeing. As a food business, we consider the “safety and assurance of food” the top priority.